Hello! Welcome to Borderline Bright Side; the site not only for my quirky webcomic, but for information and my own written experiences as well.

A little bit about my comic: It’s about a young woman with borderline personality disorder (the quiet subtype) experiencing life, love, and learning along the way. BPD is a personality disorder with a bad reputation and stigmas surrounding it. But not every person with BPD is the monster that the internet or even media make you believe. The true monster is the disorder itself.

Most people think of borderlines as the acting out type; people whose emotional intensity flickers into full-on rage in seconds. The lesser known subtype, quiet borderline personality disorder, or sometimes considered “high functioning,” shows itself as acting in; we are often introverts and we direct all the rage we feel onto ourselves rather than expelling it at those around us. Both types are serious, but they can manifest in different ways that set them apart.

I am a quiet borderline; I’m an introvert. I crave to be alone but can’t stay alone or else I feel depressed or abandoned. There is a lot less information and media coverage for quiet borderline personality, so I decided to share my story through the quirky, tongue in cheek comic that is Borderline Bright Side. There is always a bright side to life; the trick is finding it and stepping over that borderline.

For more information on Borderline Personality Disorder, I’ll be updating my Links page.


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